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Who are we?

FysioWorks-mobiiliklinikka is an innovative healthcare service provider seeking to produce customer orientated care without the extra hassle. We succeed in that by offering services directly to the home or workplace. We believe that the best connection is a straight path.

What do we offer?

Our services include physiotherapy, massage, and non-medicinal migraine care. The migraine treatment is based on a patented method (Migraine RapidĀ®) in cooperation with Migraineadviser/Blue Bear-migreeniklinikka Oy.

For whom?

FysioWorks’ services are catered especially for those with a demanding schedule or an acute functional ailment that hinders workability or free time. If you wonder whether you would really benefit from the services or you wish to first ascertain what problem you have, you can reserve a free consultation.


You can order physiotherapy and massage services to your home or workplace within Vantaa without extra charges. There is an extra charge of 5 euros if you reside in the Helsinki region and 10 euros if you reside in Espoo, due to commuting.

Why migraine treatment (and not just medicine)?

A migraine is a neurological headache, meaning that it stems from the brain and central nervous system, rather than from other causes such as poor vitals or exhaustion. Though the root cause of migraines is not understood, there are a number of factors that can trigger an attack. such as bright sunlight and periods or hormonal changes.

In short, a migraine is an exaggerated response in the brain, affecting the trigeminal nerve, for which reason pain is often felt behind the eyes on the level of the eyebrow. Migraines always occur on one side of the head and are pulsating. Migraine treatment itself consists of gentle neuromuscular techniques, in which a message is relayed to the brain to calm down. The treatment plan is based on whether the migraines are chronic or acute, whether they occur frequently or infrequently and whether or not it is accompanied by an aura or similar visual disruptions.

Migraine medication, on the other hand, may help to alleviate pain during a migraine attack, but they do not target a migraine itself, rather its symptoms. If used long-term migraine medication may worsen the symptoms. We teach techniques with which you can independently treat your migraine where-ever you are.


FysioWorks-mobiiliklinikka is owned by Adam Brockwell, a Valvira-certified physiotherapist. Adam graduated in 2015 after which he has worked in Blue Bear migreeniklinikka, for instance. Having formerly worked for years in Invaliidiliitto Palvelut during study years in addition to numerous neurological work practices, Adam has a fair amount of experience in neurological physiotherapy. FysioWorks’ services are primarily musculoskeletal based, but due to lessons learned in the neurological field, a holistic perspective is emphasized in treatment; for we understand that long-term functional problems are not only mechanical in nature, but they also affect motor patterns and activities of daily living.