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10.00 - 20.00

Physiotherapy – 1 hour – 59e

One session consists of a clinical examination, manual techniques for pain relief and instruction of guided therapeutic exercises.

The first session is accompanied by a free 30 min consultation.

Massage – 1 hour – 50e

A choice of massage with oils or therapeutic massage without oils, which includes soft tissue mobilization techniques, taping, myofascial release techniques, and joint trigger point therapy.

Non-medicinal migraine care, 90 min – 69e

Migraine treatment consists of gentle manual techniques along neuromuscular patterns and instruction for self-treatment techniques during a migraine attack. You can reserve a time for migraine treatments at Graniittitalo, Jaakonkatu 3 B, 00100 Helsinki, Regus Business Center 7 on the 7th floor.

Fysioterapia 5x sarjahoito – 250e

Sarjan hoidot voit käyttää sinulle sopivana aikana 3 kuukauden sisällä.